Day 90. Halfway !!

So today is August 4, day 90 of 180. Halfway through our trip. STOP SLOW DOWN !!! We cannot be halfway through already…..And there was me not sure I would even make to 2 months ….LOL.

So since Bryce we have travelled to Grand Canyon North Rim NP#25 for the day.  |Very sadly we could not get to where we wanted to hike as someone had fallen off the cliff and died about 10 minutes before we got there. Trying to get “that” photograph. Tragic.

(Wi-Fi is poor yet again and I cannot upload photos. Will play catch up another day.)

From Grand Canyon we went to Zion NP #26, (July 28) stunning drive from east to west, along with a couple of hikes. Chris was super excited, he finally got up close to a Rattlesnake and a Tarantula !!! Beautiful park but oh so busy !!..

From here we headed out early to get through the Zion Tunnel, which if you have an oversized vehicle they have to shut the tunnel and allow you to drive down the middle and its a mile long! Arrived at Valley of Fire State Park and aptly named as the temps were in excess of 110 !! We were thinking of staying the night, but decided against it ! Also helpful tip , when in those kinds of temps do not leave your vehicle running on idle whilst you sort out the GPS.. It will over heat !!!. Drove on to Boulder City and had a quick visit to Hoover Dam.  Nevada #29. Lake Mead NRA#27.

July 30th day 85, Vegas baby !!!. Temps reached 118 !!! Stayed in the AC until about 6 pm and then ventured out. Had a wander around the strip and then dinner in Paris.  Next morning we were going to book a show , but on the local news was an announcement that The Killers were doing a free concert on the strip as part of The Jimmy Kimmel show. Well had to be done, hopped on Piglet to 11th Street records to get passes. And they were fantastic !!! After we headed to Bellagio and saw Amy with her children. LOL . Yes my good friend from Ktown !!  So with an extra day booked at Circus Circus campground we brought tickets for KA Cirque De Soliel  , what an amazing show , well worth going to see. After the show we headed downtown to Fremont Street, interesting. Vegas was a lot of fun and so pleased we took the time to go and experience it.

Next stop was Mojave NP#28 , Route 66 and Joshua Tree NP#29. Stayed in Black Canyon Campground. ~

Day 89 was a driving day , Joshua Tree to Pismo beach !!! Hit a huge storm coming over the Sierra Nevada’s.  Had a few issues with finding a campsite, but Good Sam came through yet again. Very nice site , not on the beach but close. So Pismo … why have I never been here before. I used to live 2 hours down the road !! The beach itself is actually a road and you can drive onto the beach , RV’s and all ! And the sand dunes …OMG so much fun. We rented an ATV each and spent 2 hours driving over the dunes. To finish off the day we sat on the beach and watched whales, yes whales , dolphins , sea otters and pelicans. All from the beach !!! One of the best days so far!! I LOVE THE BEACH !!

Lots of love 48beforeitstoolate xx


Day 81 July 26th

So after Arches we headed off to Canyonlands NP#21 and Captial Reef NP#22. More stunning landscapes ,what can I say.

The road from Torrey to Escalante UT was amazing, i am just sorry i didn’t get more photos. One of them being, we passed a couple of men on the side of the road with a boat that had clearly come off its trailer and skidded into the desert, would have loved to have known the full story .


That night we stayed at Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, had a very relaxing afternoon paddle boarding and kayaking. Then a short hike in the evening to see the Petrified Forest.

Monday, Bryce Canyon was the next stop, after stocking up on groceries at a mouse infested store, always a first. Set up camp just outside of the park and took Piglet in to see the sights before the rain came in !

and found a special parking spot !

The rain continued all night and most of the next day , but let up enough for a quick hike to Mossey Cave. Then Roast dinner !!


Wednesday(today) we are camped in Kanab UT and heading to North Rim Grand Canyon in the morning. Off to find a beer, Cheers xxxx.

Day 71 cont’d,through to 76.

So day 71 saw us at Craters of The Moon NM#19. Strange and erie place, that does look like the moon. It is a very large lava bed with volcanic features. The most recent eruption occurring 2000 years ago, with more to come.. The preserve covers 750,000 acres.

Monday 17th we left Craters of the Moon and headed south arriving at Twin Falls ID and were stunned by the Snake River canyon. Whilst there we saw BASE jumpers leaping off the bridge, apparently the only legal man made structure for BASE jumping ( Building Antenna Span Earth). Personally I cannot see the appeal of throwing yourself off a 400+ft bridge. But it was stunning.

That afternoon we passed into Nevada #29 and spent the night in Wells.

Tuesday 18th we headed back into Utah, stopping at Bonneville Salt Flats. Another strange and fascinating place. The flats cover an area of 46 sq miles, near the center the crust is almost 5 ft thick. World speed records have been set here since 1914. One of my favorite films is The Worlds Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins.

That night we camped at Antelope State Park just outside of Salt Lake city and had the most amazing view from our site with a glorious sunset. And we went floating in Salt Lake !!

Wednesday was just a driving day heading towards Moab. Piglet got a service on the way, so he is all tuned up and roaring to go ! Arrived in Moab Thursday afternoon and set up camp. Went downtown for a beer in the evening and a bit of a wander. We had to get Chris a new hat as he left his Tilley in Antelope park 😦   He now has a very nice Stetson.

Day 76 Friday 21st. Today we headed into Arches National Park #20 100 million years of erosion have created this landscape boasting one of the greatest densities of natural arches, over 2000. Landscape Arch being the longest at 306 feet base to base.

Tonight we are heading out on a Jeep Tour, I am thinking it is going to be rock climbing in a Jeep !!!! I’ll let you know if i survive !

Yellowstone National Park #17

Tuesday July 11th we arrived at Yellowstone, entered in on the east side. I had managed to secure a campsite at Grant Campground by consistently calling the reservations phone line ( the website claimed to be fully booked for the next 3 months). Just after passing though the gate we saw our first Buffalo , magnificent creatures. Big brown eyes and look almost cuddly.

After setting up camp we took off on Piglet and went to Old Faithful. Who erupts approx every 90 minutes, expelling 3,700-8,400 g of boiling water reaching heights of 106-184 ft. From here we went on walk and saw some amazing Hot Springs , small geysers and mud pots.

Next day we packed up and moved to Canyon Village campground . On the way we stopped at West Thumb Thermal Basin on the edge of Yellowstone lake. The lake is so large it creates its own weather system. It has 141 miles of shoreline, is 20 miles long by 14 miles wide and is 410 ft at its deepest spot.

Came across some stunning waterfalls too.

Thursday was an early start, 6am . Couple of tips when camping in Yellowstone if you have not booked 6 months in advance. The reservable sites do have spots come up through out the day , so keep calling the same day reservation line. The first come first served sites, you need to be there by 7am to get a spot. So this was the reason for the early start. Also were hoping we would see more wildlife early in the morning too. But was a little disappointed in that dept. We did see Coyote,  Buffalo,  Elk and Musk deer. Got a campsite at Mammoth Hot Springs at 7.30am. After breakfast we set off to Mammoth Hot Springs and Travertine Terraces,  Ice cream for lunch and back to RV .

Another early start to secure a campsite at Tower Falls. Tower Falls was the place to see bears, but unfortunately we were never quick enough with the cameras ! Between us we have 4 , you would think we would get to one ! At this site one bear calmly strolled right though the middle during dinner ! Anyway today we headed to Lamar Valley and saw herds of Buffalo. What an amazing sight . Just truly incredible, just how you imagine they should be.

None of our photos do any of the park justice. It is truly stunning and by far my favorite  due to the diversity of the park.

That night I had picked up a stomach bug, lets just say thank god i was in a RV and not a tent !! Next morning , Saturday July 15, we discovered the house batteries were flat , due to the fact we had been dry camping for 7 days without hookup. (and the bathroom had been working overtime, chris) Thankfully the camp host was opposite us and we could plug into his electric to bring the slides in and get us on the road. This time heading into Idaho #28 !!!

Hope everyone is well and we will be with you again soon xxxx