Day 71

So today is Sunday July 16. Its been about 10 days since I last hit the blog, mainly due to lack of Wifi. So where have we been???After leaving Mesa Verde we drove though Telluride and into Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP#14, this involved a very steep climb for Winnie and by the time we reached the campground there was the inevitable check engine light, but fortunately we had purchased one of those code readers and no biggie, just over heated and needed to cool down. 

After setting up camp ,went for a stroll with Cole and was promptly chased by deer !! Just momma protecting her babies, but made for an amusing scene as i am running away with Cole who wants to make friends !! Next morning we got up early and took Piglet out to explore. Stunning National Park , 2000ft gorges, yes my fear of heights was way up there and consisted of my pulling Chris back from edges whilst he was trying to take photos !! 

Wifi here (currently Idaho Crates of the Moon) will not let me upload photos so they will have to come in an update again.. Sorry.

From Black Canyon we travelled on to Pikes Peak. Sunday July 8th. Piglet rose to the challenge like a champ. Pikes peak is 14,115ft , starting point of 7800ft. 19 mile drive to the top. I believe Piglet set a world record of 62 minutes, that’s 19mph average, at most times Piglet was barely above walking speed. But we made it, and once again the height thing was an issue, you would think by now I would be getting used to it ! So if you can imagine 2 people on a scooter and the pillion is leaning so far over to middle of the road it looks like the whole thing is going to tip over ! When you see the pics and video ( found it took my mind off the sheer 1000ft drop 2 feet away from me ) you will understand. Next stop was Rocky Mountain National Park #16 (#15 was Florissant Fossil Beds , was not inspired). And Sam’s Club for the night. 

Sunday July 9th we left Colorado (quick oil change on the way) and entered Wyoming #27, this was just a travel day and took us to within 150 miles of Yellowstone. I cannot believe the scale of the land here, just hundreds of miles in every direction of nothing, no houses, no trees, no animals, nothing but the long road in front. Until we reached Lander WY , here we stayed at a city park right beside the river and free, does not get much better. From here we headed into Cody WY, Rodeo Capital by all accounts . Visited Heart Mountain WW11 Japanese Confinement Camp, can not help but see history repeating itself.. There we stayed at Walmart, must be the most popular Walmart in the country, last one before Yellowstone. There were approx 30 RV’s parked overnight , either heading in or out. The Rodeo was just down the road so off we trotted. Yee Haw !

Tuesday July 11, day 66 we entered Yellowstone National Park #17. Which I am going to save for its own blog with photos. We spent 5 days here and was breathtaking . 

Will put up photos for this blog asap. Hope everyone is well . I am currently attempting to cook a Roast dinner in the RV, beef, potatoes, carrots , peas and gravy . Now before the brits ask, No , no yorkshire puds. I know a disgrace but give me credit for attempting . 

Love 48beforeitstoolate x

8948 miles and $1179 under budget !! 

Author: 48beforeitstoolate

We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

One thought on “Day 71”

  1. Great to hear from you, I was wondering but figured you might not have a connection. Your travels sound just wonderful and glad Winnie and Piglet are doing so well. Barry and I spent 2 weeks in Wyoming and Montana. We said it was one of our favourite holidays. Breath taking. I was wondering if you were going to be able to visit Montana as well. Glacier Park is wonderful and we took the road, The Valley to the Sun. Anyway, enjoy Yellowstone, its so beautiful and looking forward to seeing pictures. Don’t fall in the smudge pots at Mammoth.
    Diana xx

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