Mesa Verde days 57,58,59

Sunday July 2nd we drove to Mesa Verde National Park #13. Stayed at a campground just at the entrance as it’s 4th of July and NP sites were full. But had a pool , full hook up and good views . Went into park briefly and booked 2 tours for the 3rd and 1 for the 4th. At $5 pp well worth it . As we were at Vistors Centre we happened upon some traditional Hopi Dancers performing their annual dance on the sacred ground.

Monday 3rd July

Up early and drove Piglet to the Balcony House tour, the most scary for me as there was a 30ft ladder to climb !! But well worth the effort.  Then went onto Cliff Palace for another Ranger tour.  Small world moment, another family on both tours were from Powell TN ! She teaches at Hardin Valley Elem. So if you know her and she was in Mesa Verde , say hi from me !

These pics are from Balcony House , Cliff Palace and Long House, all amazing places.  Thoughts are they were occupied from approx 1100AD – 1300AD. As to why they left is up for debate..

Wildlife…. So far have been a little disappointed in the wildlife , but having said that we came across a young bear on the road into Mesa Verde..

ok not so bad…unless you are on a small scooter (like us) and I am busy thinking “where the **** is momma bear????” Do we ride though bear and momma , or ditch scooter and run ?? Fortunately baby bear was a yearling , so therefore kicked out by momma sometime ago. But so cool to see up close. This is what i was hoping for in this trip ! Close and personal !!

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We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

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