Day 48

So after an uneventful night (day45) in a so called campground, i.e. no rattlers much to Chris’ disappointment. We set off into Big Bend National Park #8, took piglet into The Basin, could not take Winnie due to the switchbacks. Very pretty. Then we drove to Castolon and the Rio Grande, Mexican border. No Need for a wall here ! Whilst the scenery is stunning, not much in the way of differing cacti, mainly Prickly Pear, I thought there would be more. Maybe have to wait for the rains.

Spent the night in Alpine at a very nice site and got the laundry done !

Day 46/47 we travelled towards El Paso TX and into Hueco Tanks State park. One of the top climbing/bouldering areas in the world. So a natural stopping point for Chris.

And another anxious night and hike for me !

We had hoped to do some star gazing here but the clouds came in and the wine came out! Also not a single sighting of any kind of snake ! Not quite so anxious..

Day 48 headed north towards Carlsbad and Carlsbad Caverns National park #10, New Mexico #23. Stopped in at Guadalupe Mountains National Park #9 for lunch. The only campground close to the caverns is appalling. Unkept,, employees not at all helpful. Which really is a shame, it could be fantastic and make a fortune. Anyway it has full hook up which is very much needed, heat index of 126f/53c !!! We left Cole in the air conditioning and headed to the caverns on Piglet. Oh boy it was like riding in an oven !!!  Caverns were amazing, possibly the most wow factor so far. So huge ! The photos do not do it justice. If you ever have the chance to visit, do it ! 800 ft down into the earth (rode the elevator back to top) and some of the most awesome natural formations i have ever seen !

So today Day 49 we are heading to Roswell to see some aliens and then White Sands National Monument. We are way ahead of our schedule so will probably stay a few days in NM.

So far we have travelled 6290 miles ! Crazy !!! But loving every minute of it.

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We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

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