Quick Update

Hi there, Wifi is very poor at the moment so I am not even going to attempt to upload any photos. But to give you a quick update on where we are and where we have been. After leaving Carlsbad we drove to white Sands National monument and across the Great Continental Divide (8239 ft) for the first time and through Lincoln National Forest. Camped for the night at Leasburg Dam State park and experienced our first dust storm, even though we were shut up in the RV , the dust got in everywhere ! Just like in the movies… From there we headed north through a town called Truth or Consequences. I kid you not, i have the photo to prove it. Spent the night in Caballo State park. We are learning that State parks are a good place to stay, generally have electric and water for around $25 a night and very safe !

Monday 26th drove up to Albuquerque (was a turkey…sorry always comes to mind) and onto Jemez Springs Indian Reservation, still in New Mexico, stunning red rock canyon and dry camped in a stunning setting. Tuesday we headed to Aztec Ruins National monument and another disappointing campground. Another thing we are seeing is that private campgrounds close to major attractions are appalling , it seems that they just want to make a quick buck, where they could be beautiful camping spots. We are learning !

Next day we headed to Monument Valley and wow is all I can say… Stunning ! Amazing ! and i promise to post pics asap. And a decent campground too ! Here we did 2 guided tours , one sunset into Mystery Valley and a day tour in Monument Valley. Had an Aussie family camped next to us for the 2nd evening, shared some wine with them, even thou it was a “dry” campground !  Friday we headed back into Arizona and drove right passed Four Corners Monument , the queue looked grim !!! and into Colorado. Camped for 2 nights at McPhee Reservoir up in the mountains making a much needed change from the desert !

Sunday and we headed into Mesa Verde . Have booked tours for the next couple of days and of course Independence day is tomorrow.Â

So Happy 4th to you all , enjoy, have fun and be safe xxxx

Author: 48beforeitstoolate

We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

One thought on “Quick Update”

  1. Wonderful, jealous of you going to Monument Valley, a must see for me sometime. Happy 4th to you both, raining on and off here for the last 4 days,
    Stay safe and well and looking forward to seeing you pictures,
    love, Diana xx

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