Day 110 !!

Drove though Lassen National Park #38, beautiful Alpine meadows with hot mud pots and onto the coast again and into Oregon #31 . Followed the 101, smokey in places from wildfires. Had a tractor trailer go off the road right in front of us. Fortunately the driver was unhurt, cannot same the same for his rig though..IMG_2669

Stopped at Bullards Beach State park in Bandon for 2 nights and saw the eclipse from here… Had pretty decent fish and chips here too !~!~!

Into Washington State and I am in love with the coast here. Oregon and Washington , have decided this is where i am moving to, a home over looking the wild and rugged coastline that is just spectacular ! And a motorhome to travel…

IMG_0469IMG_0459IMG_0518 (2)IMG_0524 (2)IMG_0515 (2)IMG_0573IMG_0359IMG_0353IMG_0355IMG_0448

Those are grey whales just off the beach, apparently very unusual to see them in so close to shore. But we met up with a Wildlife and Fisheries guy , who told us it was high tide and they were feeding on Razor Clams that were in abundance ! This is in Olympic NP #40, stayed in the Rain Forest … Still being amazed every day by the diversity of this great land.

Today we travelled by Ferry #1 from Port Townsend to Coupeville, All 3 of us first time on a ferry on this trip.  DSCF1492

I have not talked much about the folks we have met on this trip. There have been so many , good and bad !!! Today we met a lovely girl from Dorset UK, now living in Seattle with her husband, then there was the German couple with their son outside of  Yosemite. They were here on a house swap . An Aussie couple  in Monument Valley.. the South Africans ( two very different couples ) at 2 different sites  and so many more … Loving the way travel and camping/RVing brings people of all colour , gender, age and religion together ! And that is something Chris and I wanted to do with this trip. To spread peace, love , hugs and unity !

If you want to see even more photos, you can friend Chris on FB.

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Lots of love

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We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

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  1. Beautiful photos and I have never been to Oregon or Washington State. Looks so beautiful, don’t blame you for wanting to move there.
    Diana xx

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