Day 29 update

So after developing a transmission problem , we called Budget Transmission of Knoxville (they overhauled the transmission in January) advised us to slowly try and make it to a Ford dealership to get codes read. Which we did. This place told us we needed a whole new transmission at a cost of $5000 !!!! Called Jerry at Budget, his advice, if you can get to me i will fix it , it is a sensor issue ! So basically after pulling an all nighter with  Jim’s Wrecker and Towing , we pulled into Knoxville at 8 am Wednesday .

This is where I have to give a big shout out to both Jim’s Wrecker and Towing, Jeff drove a 750 mile round trip to get us back and to Jerry at Budget Transmission who had correctly diagnosed the issues in the first place and then covered the repair for the damage caused by the sensor issue. So to a certain Ford dealership in Charlottesville VA, some not very polite words, Thank you very much ! NOT !

Very much a WTF are we doing few days !!!

Anyway we are now home for a few days and are getting ready for Bonnaroo !!! Festival time ! Very excited about our first Roo. Cant wait to get back on the road !!

As a side note , thinking and sending positive vibes to my homeland today , feeling broken hearted.

Will blog again after Bonnaroo xxx


Author: 48beforeitstoolate

We are taking off for 6 months around the lower 48 states.

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