Day 10

So Ontario was state #5, on Saturday May 13th we travelled back into USA and through New York State #6, it poured with rain all day so continued into the Adirondack mountains and stayed on the New York/ Vermont border. Sunday may 14th drove though Vermont #7, very pretty state, lots of old Americana and of course Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour, which had to be done ! It was Mothers day !!! From there it was a short hop to Cold Hollow Cider Mill ( Harvest Hosts) for the night. Very good cider !!! Still rained all day and night ..

Left early Monday morning, stopping in Cabot to buy cheese, the closet thing to English cheddar . Entered New Hampshire #8, drove through Mexico, Peru and Manchester. So far in such a short time ;-0 . Once again raining most of the time, finally entered Maine #9. Stayed at an amazing Harvest Host, Misty Acres Alpaca Farm. Really nice owners and super cute alpaca !!! And bald eagles nesting as well.

Woke up this morning to sunshine !! Yeah and 70F temps, finally. Drove for couple of hours and are now near Acadia National Park in a campground. Wifi in these places sucks…going to have to come up with something else. Tomorrow heading into the park for some hiking and hopefully picking up lobster on the way home !

Cannot get pics to load, will add at another time …

Lots of love #48beforeitstoolate xxx

Day 6

So we arrived in Canada #5 yesterday, Thursday May 11th. Stayed the night at a very nice vineyard in Lincoln Ontario through Harvest hosts. Then today moved onto Niagara Falls. Checked into a KOA site where apparently we got the last remaining site…ummm looked a bit empty to us, but what do we know.
Set up camp , had lunch , sorted Cole ( who is doing very well btw). Then hopped on Piglet and headed off for the Falls. ( Piglet is our vespa).
WOW.. The falls are quite amazing, we are obviously on the Canadian site (DUH)..
Nature is quite incredible. The water falls at a rate of 34 million gallons a minute. So much power. Well worth seeing and they should be on the wonders of the world.

Arrived back to a packed KOA.. OMG this is party city clearly, thank god we are only here for one night ! Heading back into USA tomorrow and heading up towards Arcadia National Park over 2 days .. Catch up with you then.



So the first hiccup as i said the other day was the clean water holding tank sprung a leak. After Chris spent time in the guts of the rig, around the rig and generally all up in it. We decided to give in and take it to a service center. Shout out to Forest City Motorhomes in London Ontario. They could get us in the next day. Long story cut short, turned out to be a split in a seam in the upper corner of the lower holding tank. Something we never would have found by ourselves ! Problem numero uno fixed !

Problem #2. They have had an awful lot of rain in the north….So the ground is very soft.. Yep you got it ! We got stuck. Had to call a tow truck out . Lesson learnt “walk it before you drive it ” ! But in the grand scheme of things , these were minor ! No one was hurt in the making of this production !

Day 3

IMG_2087Hi folks

Sorry there was no day 2 blog, but we were north of Cincinnati Ohio #3 boon docking on  vineyard. So no wi-fi or cell phone signal. This will happen a couple of times a week probably. But we did visit Mammoth Cave NP #1.


So today we left Ohio #3 and entered Michigan #4 , 200 miles with a total of 640 miles. Currently south of Detroit. And our first problem has arisen ! Clean water tank is not holding water, which is not an issue if we are hooked up. But we like boon docking (i.e. vineyards/farms etc) so hopefully will get it fixed in next few days.

Day 1

IMG_6504Toady we left Tennessee #1and entered Kentucky #2 . Filled up with gas, $100 later ! Drove through a small unknown hamlet know as Knob Lick… I kid you not ! Most disappointed that there was no welcome sign to take a selfie with !!

210 miles driven today, now at a very nice small RV park “Singing Hills” in Cave City.

Off to Mammoth Cave National Park #1NP tomorrow.

Weather is sunny but chilly, jumpers are on !IMG_6504.JPG