Day 6

So we arrived in Canada #5 yesterday, Thursday May 11th. Stayed the night at a very nice vineyard in Lincoln Ontario through Harvest hosts. Then today moved onto Niagara Falls. Checked into a KOA site where apparently we got the last remaining site…ummm looked a bit empty to us, but what do we know.
Set up camp , had lunch , sorted Cole ( who is doing very well btw). Then hopped on Piglet and headed off for the Falls. ( Piglet is our vespa).
WOW.. The falls are quite amazing, we are obviously on the Canadian site (DUH)..
Nature is quite incredible. The water falls at a rate of 34 million gallons a minute. So much power. Well worth seeing and they should be on the wonders of the world.

Arrived back to a packed KOA.. OMG this is party city clearly, thank god we are only here for one night ! Heading back into USA tomorrow and heading up towards Arcadia National Park over 2 days .. Catch up with you then.




So the first hiccup as i said the other day was the clean water holding tank sprung a leak. After Chris spent time in the guts of the rig, around the rig and generally all up in it. We decided to give in and take it to a service center. Shout out to Forest City Motorhomes in London Ontario. They could get us in the next day. Long story cut short, turned out to be a split in a seam in the upper corner of the lower holding tank. Something we never would have found by ourselves ! Problem numero uno fixed !

Problem #2. They have had an awful lot of rain in the north….So the ground is very soft.. Yep you got it ! We got stuck. Had to call a tow truck out . Lesson learnt “walk it before you drive it ” ! But in the grand scheme of things , these were minor ! No one was hurt in the making of this production !

Day 3

IMG_2087Hi folks

Sorry there was no day 2 blog, but we were north of Cincinnati Ohio #3 boon docking on  vineyard. So no wi-fi or cell phone signal. This will happen a couple of times a week probably. But we did visit Mammoth Cave NP #1.


So today we left Ohio #3 and entered Michigan #4 , 200 miles with a total of 640 miles. Currently south of Detroit. And our first problem has arisen ! Clean water tank is not holding water, which is not an issue if we are hooked up. But we like boon docking (i.e. vineyards/farms etc) so hopefully will get it fixed in next few days.

Day 1

IMG_6504Toady we left Tennessee #1and entered Kentucky #2 . Filled up with gas, $100 later ! Drove through a small unknown hamlet know as Knob Lick… I kid you not ! Most disappointed that there was no welcome sign to take a selfie with !!

210 miles driven today, now at a very nice small RV park “Singing Hills” in Cave City.

Off to Mammoth Cave National Park #1NP tomorrow.

Weather is sunny but chilly, jumpers are on !IMG_6504.JPG






Hi Guys
Just a quick note as many of you have asked when are we actually leaving. Our departure date is Sunday may 7th !! I have also added a ” Follow” button for y’all , so click that little gem and you will receive updates as they happen.
I have to point out that this is the first time we have done a blog so bear with, as its going to be a learning curve for us !
Also some of the time when traveling we will be boon docking , so internet access may be iffy. If you don’t hear from us for a couple of days don’t panic , just means we are out in the boonies !

Looking forward to spreading love,peace,equality and hugs xxx